BlockDAG Presale Reaches $50.2M Post Viral Influencer Endorsements; DOT & XRP Price Predictions Fail To Catch Up

The Polkadot (DOT) news highlights $14 million in token allocation to the DeFi project, Hydration. On the other hand, the XRP price prediction reveals a surge or decline based on how the Ripple vs SEC lawsuit unfolds. Meanwhile, BlockDAG makes history with a 1,120% price surge since Batch 1.

Prominent influencers like Crypto Bull hail it as the top crypto gem of 2024, marvelling at its revolutionary DAG-based PoW consensus and ROI capabilities. Unlike DOT and XRP, BlockDAG’s consistent yet powerful Dev Releases keep it on top of the crypto food chain despite stiff competition and intense market volatility.

XRP Price Prediction: Will Bulls Reign?

Currently priced at $0.4846, XRP has faced significantly bearish trends recently, but the current XRP price prediction reveals Ripple could rise substantially by 2025. This optimism arrives after widespread anticipation of Ripple’s Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) approval. If the approval does come through, Ripple could experience significant market demand. Conversely, the ongoing Ripple vs SEC lawsuit hinders XRP’s growth, but a resolution could bring substantial price gains. Despite current declines, investors remain optimistic, hoping for a price increase post-SEC case resolution.

Polkadot (DOT) News: 2 Million Tokens Allocated to Hydration

In recent Polkadot (DOT) news, over 2 million DOT tokens worth $14 million have been allocated to a DeFit project called Hydration to enhance trading efficiency and liquidity on its platform, Omnipool. The first 1 million tokens will be distributed annually, offering rewards over 200% APY to boost liquidity.

Hydration features a single-sided LP system, allowing users to join an incentives farm by providing a single asset. The remaining tokens will help enhance Polkadot 2.0’s ecosystem by building a solid layer of native liquidity. While this funding reveals a pivotal moment for DOT, it doesn’t directly contribute to Polkadot’s growth in the market.

Famous Analyst Crypto Bull Highlights BlockDAG’s Keynote 2

BlockDAG, the world’s most advanced Layer 1, boasts the fastest batch progression in the history of cryptocurrency, garnering extensive attention from prominent influencers, institutional investors, top analysts, and crypto enthusiasts. Recently, YouTube influencer “Crypto Bull” released a knowledge-packed video highlighting BlockDAG’s moon-themed keynote 2, presale success stories, upcoming developments, and exclusive rewards.

Keynote 2 reveals significant milestones such as the endorsements of the Forbes and Bloomberg companies, the revolutionary implementation of DAG, the launch of a low code/no code platform, and the launch of the X1 Miner app. Spotlighting BllockDAG’s upcoming developments, Crypto Bull discusses the development of its peer-to-peer engine, EVM compatibility, and an upcoming Mainnet launch, which could skyrocket BlockDAG’s value in the market.

During batch 1, the price of one BDAG coin stood at $0.001. Fast-forward to today, i.e. batch 18, its price rose to $0.0122, marking a historical 1,120% surge. BlockDAG’s platform is overflowing with massive coin purchases, with batch 18 selling out fast. The platform raised close to $50.2 million by selling 11.5 billion coins. This price trajectory has broken the records of Bitcoin, Kaspa, and other giants in the market, bringing speculations of an eventual 30,000x ROI.

Aside from massive influencer endorsements and strategic global expansion initiatives, BlockDAG’s groundbreaking technology speaks for itself. The platform releases weekly updates to advance BlockDAG to become the fastest and most scalable crypto platform. The latest update improves the X1 Miner app and Blockchain Explorer.

The X1 app now boasts an easy signup process, effortless mining of BDAG coins, attractive referral rewards, progress reports to track mining performance, and more. The Blockchain Explorer syncs all of BlockDAG’s blockchain data, acting as a live newsfeed to deliver the latest updates at the click of a button.

The Final Verdict

In a market where stiff competition and intense volatility threaten to drive cryptos like DOT and XRP  into oblivion, BlockDAG stays ahead of the curve with consistent development updates. Prominent voices like Crypto Bulls endorse BlockDAG’s cutting-edge Block & DAG architecture and unparalleled ROI capabilities. Since batch 1, the crypto surged by a historical 1,120%. Currently priced at $0.0122 in presale batch 18, BlockDAG is expected to bring 30,000x gains in the coming years.

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