BougeRV's Innovative Green Energy Solutions Shine at CES's Largest Media Night

Las Vegas, NV — CES 2024 this year concluded with great energy and excitement, and one brand that’s capturing the attention of both media and consumers alike is BougeRV. Attending the largest media night during CES, the brand’s showcase of innovative products has become a highlight for one-stop solutions for the mobile living and outdoor tech space.

A Dazzling Debut:

BougeRV’s presence at CES’s largest media night was nothing short of spectacular. The brand unveiled a lineup of cutting-edge products designed to revolutionize the way we approach outdoor living and energy solutions.

Colorful Edition 12V 23 Quart Mini Fridge:

One of the stars of the show was BougeRV’s Colorful Edition 12V 23 Quart Mini Fridge. A perfect blend of style and functionality, this trendy appliance adds a vibrant touch to road trips, camping, and journeys of all kinds. Boasting quick cooling technology and an energy-saving ECO mode, this mini fridge ensures that your food stays fresh while minimizing energy consumption. Its unique pastel-colored design, including pink, purple, and mint green, not only enlivens any space but also caters to adventurers and travelers seeking both playful design and top-notch functionality.

JuiceGo 240Wh Portable Power Station:

For those who value power on the go, BougeRV’s JuiceGo jumped out. This compact portable power solution is tailor-made for outdoor and mobile professionals like digital nomads. With a sleek design and a weight of just 6.28 lb, the JuiceGo is ultra-portable, fitting seamlessly into your backpack. Equipped with five multi-port outputs, including AC and PD ports, it caters to all your device-charging needs. Supporting various charging modes, this power station ensures lasting performance and reliable power for all your devices.

PASO CIGS Foldable Solar Panels:

BougeRV also showcased its PASO series of solar panels, engineered with advanced CIGS technology. These super-light, ultra-thin, and extra-durable panels bring green energy on the move. With an unbreakable design and extreme portability, users can conveniently harness solar power in virtually any environment. From camping to hiking, the PASO CIGS solar panels provide a reliable and ultra efficient power source.

Empowering Freedom of Movement:

As a brand founded by a group of outdoor mobile adventurers, BougeRV’s mission is reflected in its name, derived from the French verb “bouger,” meaning to move. The brand empowers off-grid enthusiasts to embrace the outdoor lifestyle they desire, providing sustainable green energy solutions. BougeRV is dedicated to being the ultimate one-stop solution for all green energy needs, offering freedom both on and off the grid. This year was an impressive showing towards that vision. 

BougeRV, the trailblazing name in green energy solutions, recently stole the spotlight at CES’s Largest Media Night with their innovative lineup. As the world focuses more on sustainability, BougeRV stands out with their cutting-edge products designed to harness renewable energy.

Their showcase at CES demonstrated a range of eco-friendly solutions, from solar panels to electric vehicle chargers, all aimed at reducing carbon footprints while providing efficient energy solutions for modern living. With their commitment to innovation and sustainability, BougeRV is shaping the future of clean energy technology.

At the event, attendees were impressed not only by the functionality and design of BougeRV’s products but also by their dedication to environmental stewardship. As we move towards a greener future, BougeRV’s presence at CES signals a promising shift towards more sustainable living. Keep an eye on this forward-thinking company as they continue to lead the charge in green energy solutions.

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